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Artisanal Beverages LLC is an innovative Wine, Spirits & Beer brokerage company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Artisanal Beverages provides sales, marketing and distributor management services to boutique, small and medium-sized suppliers, as well as consulting services and insightful market analysis. Serving the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, our products are distributed through a network of outstanding wholesalers who share Artisanal Beverage’s vision of excellence in distribution, sales and service.

Artisanal Beverages acts as a direct extension of your own sales force. We work with our supplier partners to develop and execute sales plans, gain distributor share of mind, as well as, leveraging our relationships with retail accounts to meet sales and distribution goals. We also provide our suppliers with help in navigating the complexities of legal compliance issues, which vary widely from state to state. Artisanal Beverages offers suppliers all the advantages of employing a professional, experienced representative in the local market without the costs and expenses associated with hiring a direct employee. Let us show you how Artisanal Beverages can help you grow your business and distribution in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.


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